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Dating Photographer, Laura Gub


  • Communicating through photos is a big part of my life.
  • I’ve started modelling at the age of 30. It taught me how to break a genuine smile and how to look into the camera with confidence. It also taught me that it’s all about capturing the moment and framing it right. Working with both professional and amateur photographers taught me the difference between good and bad photos.
    I did modelling for 7 years. By then I was a hobby photographer, snapping every scene that caught my eye. And people.


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  • As a model I was approached and I approached people I was keen on dating. Once I left modelling and a long relationship behind, meeting new people via work became a non-option. That’s when I joined online dating sites.
    From the beginning I was puzzled by the quality of online photos. Most people had crops of larger photos or poor quality selfies. Maybe they simply thought they had no options.
    I replied to guys who had the best photos. We all do. I’ve realised that when one of my earliest dates was with a guy who had dated about 150 women throughout a 3 year period. Women loved his profile. He was a next door type of guy, however, he made an effort to have good photos and an interesting “About Me” section. That could not be said about the great majority of men on online dating sites.

    Most women, as I found out, are much more sensitive when it comes to dating photos. Still, not having recent good quality photos thoroughly limits the success of their online dating profile,  as they are in competition with the profiles of those women, who do.

  • I had been online dating on and off for about 8 years. Only a handful of people made an effort to upload really good photos. They were the ones who won dates.
  • Then, when a male friend asked me to take photos of him while on a short break in Rome and afterwards told me how he won dates on Tinder, an idea was born. That idea is now a genuine service that gives people the opportunity to get attention and dates. It is called¬†mydatingphotos.com.


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