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An Ex Model’s Online Dating Profile Picture Tips For Women

Many of us have, at some point in life aspired to be models. For me this happened in my twenties. Sure, I thought about it in my teens too, as I was one of the tallest girls in class, but everybody around suggested I play basketball. I wasn’t the one for group sports. I did however like to have profile pictures taken of me at all ages.

But, back to the subject, my twenties remained the aspiration stage. The time when I really sunk my teeth into modelling was actually in my early thirties, go figure. And it had been a ride filled with (photo) horrors and delights, as I took on job after job, with either amateur or professional photographers.

So, what do modelling photos have to do with dating profile pictures? As far as photography goes, you can easily make the same mistakes I did when doing experimental shoots with amateur photographers. I won’t show you those shots. The prints are buried deep at the back of my closet. But I’m here to tell.

  1. Harsh Light

Avoid harsh light, especially at an angle, if you don’t want all your skin imperfections showing in the photo. Pimples, scars, large pores, uneven surface of the skin, they will all show. Even if you recently exfoliated your skin, harsh light can still make you pale and can produce some odd shadows on your face.

  1.  Heavy Make Up

I’ve once done both. Harsh light and heavy make up. The shoot required me to cast various  shadows onto the white background. I actually didn’t realize the make up artist caked it on as there was no mirror nearby. The end result, if I don’t zoom in, the full length versions are pretty reasonable. When I do zoom in, Arlecchino comes to mind. You’ve been warned.

    3. Excessive Posing 

How many times have you seen a pic where the model strikes a pose that is out of place, that doesn’t make sense? I’ve done my fair share of awkward poses. And it always happened when I tried too hard. It is really difficult to do something cool with both your hands and feet and still look natural. “How should I stand? What should I do with my hands?” you’d wonder. Here you need feedback from the photographer. They are the ones who see how you look like. If you end up looking odd, the blame is on them.

  1. Looking Right

What do I mean by looking right? I mean, a well combed hair (even if windy) a tidy collar, your jewelry should be showing nicely, no shiny, sweaty face, no streaky make up (I’m back at make up, I know), no belts hanging loose, no weird creases on your clothes that pile into odd bumps. All these could break the charm effect. You don’t want that.

  1. Being Present

Probably one of the most important things when you have your shoot is to be in the moment. Avoid your mind racing over your “to do” list, worrying about being late somewhere, wondering if you locked the door, etc. All these thoughts could show on your face and you’d look anything but happy.

And happiness, a momentary lightness and ease about things and trusting that you’ll have fun are key to stunning photos. There, that wasn’t so hard was it?

To have your own stunning photo shoot, get in touch with me via www.mydatingphotos.com today.

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