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Why should I need professionally made photos?

I know, in this world saturated with technology, where your iPhone 6 shoots never before seen high quality pics, why spend on having professionally done photos, you’d ask.
Well, there is one thing that is not camera bound, and that’s the experience of the photographer who does the shoot. He or she chooses the light, the composition of the photo, the frame and the background, to name a few. He or she is also expert at timing and at paying attention to tiny details, like an unruly strand of hair, a streak of make-up, an unflattering angle or crease, an odd shadow or things sticking out in the background, and the list goes on.

I never look good in photos, how can you help?

We are typically all a bit self-conscious when it comes to posing in front of the camera. And that shows. The tension, the forced smile, the awkward posture speak volumes. That’s why we usually fancy our party photos most, where we somehow had managed to drop the act and we seem totally at ease. So many profile photos are from friends weddings or from some other occasions. It could be because of the champagne or because we’re with friends that we just don’t care if we’re snapped.
Whilst the photographer can’t bring an entire party mood onto the shoot, she’ll do her best to make the shoot as much fun as possible. And we all look good having fun.

What about hair and make-up?

It’s worth giving your hair some lovin before the shoot, ie a trim, a dye or both, and a blow dry on the day can do wonders too. You do want to look your best, don’t you?
Men should wait about a week after a haircut, to allow the hair to settle into it’s new shape as a very recent cut could often look a bit out of place.
Regarding make-up, you could add a little extra to what you’re used to wearing as the camera can make light make up look almost invisible. The photographer can help assess the make-up/ hair and can help with touch-ups or random strands of hair, given she’s been on the other side of the lens, plenty. Bring you kit, hair gel with.

What outfits should I bring?

Bring your favourite tops, those you look the best in. Two or 3 changes of clothes can really make a difference in the effect the photos have. Women can bring a skirt/dress as well, to mix up the look, men can bring a couple of shirts or T-shirts, whatever their style. Blazers, jackets and scarves can nicely complement the look. If you wear a top/T-shirt under, it’s even possible to have a quick change in the street/park, if not a cafe or pub’s rest room can serve that purpose. Avoid heavy patterns that draw attention away from your features, go for more evenly coloured outfits.

What if the weather is really bad?

Bad weather usually doesn’t last that long. If it means delaying the shoot with half an hour, until the worst is over, or sitting it out in a cafe that has big windows and is good enough for the initial few shots, then the shoot is on. Otherwise, we’ll reschedule for a clearer day. Sunshine is not a must. What’s more, the light is better when it’s cloudy, because it is diffused and even, thus we avoid weird shadows on the face and soft light is gentle when it comes to any imperfections of the skin. So, moody English weather, here we come.

What if I need to cancel last minute?

If you need to cancel the shoot last minute, you can re-schedule by paying an extra 20% on top of the fee paid, for the extra time and admin. You can reschedule for any time between 3-6 weeks from the original date.

How do I get my photos?

We both choose the best photos out of all, at the end of the shoot. I send them to you lightly retouched via email, Google drive or other programs that are suitable to send big files, within 3 days.
We usually keep each individual album for up to a year. If you were to loose them, we’ll resend them to you.

What if my look changes and I’d like a repeat shoot within a year’s time?

If your look changes, you have a different hair colour, or its drastically shorter, you started wearing glasses or a goatee, a beard or you might have had corrective cosmetic surgery and you worked with us within the last 12 months, we’ll do a follow up photo shoot for you for half the price of the initial shoot. Just give us the date of your original shoot. We’ll be happy to help you update your photos.

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