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5 Things You Learn About Yourself After a Breakup

What to Do When the Two of You Are Great In Bed… But Fight All the Time!

Do Fantasies Threaten the Reality of Relationships?

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Power Dating – A New Way of Dating for The Brave


5 Ways to Get the Girl – What to Say in Your First Message

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What Dating Sites Can Learn From their Users By Laura Gub


5 Essential Style Tips for Your First Date


The 5 Rules for Happy Dating


One Night Stands, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


What Makes You a Catch? Who’s Your Perfect Match?


5 Steps to Get Over a Break Up

How to Make Your Dating Worth It

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2nd UK Dating and Relationship Conference in London, on Saturday 11 July

Laura’s presentation about:

How to Convey Your Unique Personality and Come Across as Approachable in Your Dating Profile.

Which Photos to Use and How to Communicate Online.




Yes Group Event, April 2015


UK Dating Awards 2014 Short-listed for Best Dating Entrepreneur






 19 Dating and Relationship Bloggers You Must Follow – No 6. 

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Laura Gub – Brand You Max

You in 7 descriptive words?

Curious, bold, observant, empathetic, nonjudgmental, entrepreneurial, creative.

What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

  • I aim to adopt a light humorous tone, to make the blog enjoyable.
  • I tackle a broad variety of issues within the subject matter.
  • I base my blogs on real events and situations and on my own 8 years of experiences in online dating.

Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers: General first date advice? Absolute NO and absolute YES for a girl to make a great impression on a first date?  Read the full article here…..


Dating Price Guide Blog


With the end of 2016 slowly creeping towards us, this means the expected onslaught of people looking to kick off the new year with a new relationship is drawing ever closer. Everyone involved in online dating knows that a common new years resolution to is finally do something about being single and this means looking to join an online dating site or to kick up your efforts to a new level if you already have a profile.

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Lara Loveless Blog



One of the problems I’ve always had with online dating is that I don’t have any decent photos of myself. Up until recently I’ve had a dodgy nose, and I think I’ve got a bit of a lazy eye going on, so any attempts to take a selfie were an epic failure. The only photos I have of myself are either photos from travels or group photos on night out. My Tinder profile picture is a picture of me when I was 18, as they wouldn’t let me use a group photo or one in sunglasses. And like it or not, it’s all about the photos.  On online dating sites, when you get shown your matches all you can see is their profile picture. And on most dating apps, you basically look at a picture and say “yes” or “no”.

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MyNewsDesk/UK Stories

“I told her I was a Pit-bull”: Ex model launches dating photography service in London, from autumn 2015

ノートパソコン 笑顔のチワワ
“Have you ever exaggerated in your dating profile? Have you ever used old photos, bad crops or poor quality selfies? From now on you don’t have to. Because the two of us will find your “WOW” factor. This is the reason why I launch my business, MyDatingPhotos.com” said Laura Gub who has experience in both modelling and online dating.

Ex-model Laura Gub, from the other side of the camera (on the left). Her model pictures on the right.

Read the full press release here




Meet The Founder Of The New Dating Profile Photography Service

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Evening Standard Online-dating profile writer, Laura Gub






Divorced Parents


Podcast Interview with Kevin Alexander from Nice Guy Nation


Part 1

Part 2


Interview with Madeleine Mason, Passion Smith


Treat ‘you’ like a brand for successful dating- here’s how





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