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Online Dating Profile Picture Tips for Men

I’ve recently read the profile of a guy that started with the following: “It’s a shame that people judge you by your photos. It shouldn’t be like this.”
Yes, I feel your pain. Yet there is nothing, us women, can do about the fact that we go for what’s pleasing to the eye? Don’t men do the same?

So, how to become pleasing to the eye? And before you hit back that you’re no Hollywood heartthrob, here are 5 things that Hollywood has taught us:

1. Short men can be superstars. Tom Cruise and Dany De Vito anyone? Don’t underestimate your charm, even if you don’t rank high on the measuring stick. Work on your strengths, work on your smile, your posture, your goatee/beard, or whatever makes your look unique.

2. Bald men can be superstars, too. Jason Statham and Vin Diesel anyone? Do I need to mention who’s Jason dating? I think not. Want to spice up your look? Enhance it with a stubble, an earring or some cool glasses if you want to bring out your features. A good tan could help, too.

3. Mature men can be superstars as well. Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery or Anthony Hopkins, anyone? What they all have is an absolutely unparalleled style. And confidence. Get a wardrobe consult and go that extra mile…to the nearest quality shop. I know, it could feel like pulling your teeth, but the spark in your date’s eyes will make it worth it.

4. Even unconventionally looking men can be superstars. Steve Buscemi and Willem Dafoe anyone? I would add Christopher Walken to the mix, but then he started out more conventionally looking and over time his look turned more exceptional. Do you have unusual features? Dare to be different. Nothing is more attractive than exuding that feel that you’re comfortable in your own skin. Wear your uniqueness with confidence.

5. Lastly, even heavy set men can be superstars. Zach Galifianakis and Kevin James come to mind, but the list is long. They’re the genuine next door type of guy. They’ve got character and flare. And a good vibe. The camera likes a good vibe.

Get your good vibe and be unparalleled in your photos.

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