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Portfolio & Testimonials

About the photos:

  • Why are we specialists of poses? Laura has worked as a fashion, photographic, editorial and life model for over seven years. She has developed a keen sense of style and a strong eye, for the “right” picture. Now she gets behind the camera and works with you to capture your ‘WOW’ factor with an easy and effortless photo session. 
  • Natural is the main focus in her work. Her pictures help bring out the best in you. They show the charm and the genuineness of everyday behaviour and gestures.



  • The pictures are about your personality.  Our mission is to break the rule. You do not need a model portfolio to achieve your dating aims. You need photos that mirror your true personality, who you are in your everyday life.




  • From the soft side of effeminacy to the fierce femme fatale, it’s about real women in all shapes and sizes. Men are allowed to show their approachable side and at the same time to communicate the power and attractiveness of masculinity in their photos.



  • It is not about “what to wear” or “what not to wear”. It is about the everyday you.


  • As a Photographer she gained many excellent customer reviews about how she helped people to shine online. Check out our client’s testimonials here.
  • “Stunning factor” guarantee: If you won’t find yourself naturally stunning in any of the photos, we guarantee another shoot for you for free!


About the Photo Shoot:

  • Instead of a boring and uptight photo shoot, imagine a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a park, or in a location where you feel comfortable. Shoots are taking place anywhere in London between zones 1-3.
  • It’s preferable to take the photos outside because we are focusing on natural light instead of shooting in studios with artificial light. A cafe or a pub with large windows and lots of light works too, to mix up the mood.
  • We can have a quick chat before the shoot via skype or optionally you can give us some core info about you, answering a few questions sent by us via email. I need to get to know you a little in order for the photo shoot to be more successful.
  • We will agree on the location, date and time and the clothes and accessories in order to work out the best concept for you.



  1. You and Laura get to know each other. Skype/email chat.
  2. You meet up at the location that you agreed upon.
  3. You bring 3-4 different outfits and accessories and the two of you explore the location for the best backgrounds and share ideas.
  4. It’s possible to have a a short tea/coffee break as well to talk through any particulars.
  5. The shoot takes roughly about 1-2 hours, after which time you both agree on the 6-12 photos you’d like to keep.
  6. She will send you the photos, lightly retouched within 3 days.
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“You really  made me try not to think about having my photo taken.” As you were...




Laura is so multi-talented with her style and flare for photography. She made me feel so...


” I enjoyed it more and more then we found a smile that works for me.”...



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